f5ba28Big Translation Projects

We have dealt with a lot of big cooperation projects where translators worked along with professionals, lawyers and accountants. We keep the history of our translations and databases, harmonize terminology and compile Multilanguage glossaries on request. The service is provided upon long-term and customer support agreements. 

We ask clients to order translations filling in a special form where he/she describes the material for translation, the need for information resources related to the translation and other services or simply give a notice for us to call back or contact us direct on the phone / via mail through contacts field. We will call back as soon as possible or design a technical proposal,  designs and all is needed to implement a translation project required.


Our activities and services rendered as well as the overall operation of the Center that implement translation projects comply with Ukrainian State Standards. We guarantee the quality of translations in accordance with the requirements of the basic European standard TranslationservicesServicerequirements (DINEN 15038:2006-08).



Recently we discowered and participated in developments in many fields of linguistic industry in Ukraine, especially in:

  • Anti-crisis economy, carantine-defined services modifications.
  • Movement towards energy independence = Diversification of energy resources.  
  • WTO = New standards of production and services.
  • Effective public management = Consulting partnership with world leaders.

Global informational management + professional translation + localization



Additional standards which the translations shall comply with:

  • ISO 704: Terminology work - Principles and methods ISO 860: Terminology work - Harmonization of
  • concepts and terms
  • ISO 1087-1: Terminology work - Vocabulary - Part 1: Theory and applications ISO 1087-2:
  • Terminology work - Vocabulary - Part 2: Computer applications Procedures of Terminology Activity
  • regulate such standards:
  • ISO 636: Codes for the representation of names of languages (6 Teile)
  • ISO 12615: Bibliographic references and source identifiers for terminology work
  • ISO 12616: Translation-oriented terminography
  • ISO 15188: Project management guidelines for terminology standardization
  • ISO 22128: Quality criteria for terminology products (PWI) ІТ-performance of terminology activity 
  • is regulated by the following standards:
  • ISO 12200: Computer applications in terminology – Machine-readable terminology interchange
  • format (MARTIF) – Negotiated interchange
  • ISO 12620: Computer applications in terminology – Data categories
  • ISO 16642: Computer applications in terminology - Terminological markup framework (TMF)
  • ISO 26162: Computer applications in terminology – Design, implementation and maintenance of
  • Terminology Management Systems
  • ISO 30042: TermBase eXchange (TBX) The most popular national standards
  • of terminology activity in Germany and Austria are the following:
  • DIN 2330: Begriffe und Benennungen; Allgemeine Grundsätze
  • DIN 2331: Begriffssysteme und ihre Darstellung DIN 2332: Benennen international
  • übereinstimmender Begriffe
  • DIN 2336: Darstellung von Einträgen in Fachwörterbüchern und Terminologie-Datenbanken
  • DIN 2342: Begriffe der Terminologielehre; Grundbegriffe
  • ÖNORM A 2704: Terminologie: Allgemeine Grundsätze für Begriffe und Bezeichnungen
  • Normen für Übersetzer und technische Autoren [Herzog/Mühlbauer, 2007]